Although Canada and the US often feel like extensions of one another, there are many other differentiating characteristics between the two cultures, leading to disparate behavior patterns particularly when it comes to our consumption of goods and services. These different behavioral patterns affect what we produce, how we consume, and ultimately what we expect from the retailers we know and love.

We wanted to explore some of these differences in consumer behavior between Canadians and Americans, so we took it upon ourselves to get perspectives from both sides of the border and peek past the seemingly similar surface.

It’s very common for cross-over retailers to use a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for both Canadian and American customers. However the differences in cultural and behavioral factors result in disparate and sometimes ineffective messaging. One consideration that we’re faced with in the mobile marketing space is mobile adoption behavior discrepancies that ultimately affect how consumers shop on mobile devices on either side of the border.

To learn more about what keeps U.S. retailers up at night when they’re looking to enter into the Canadian market, check out the report below. We explore some of the key differences in consumer culture between and venture to make recommendations for retailers contemplating cross-over presence. Then we further explore the role of loyalty programs in retail and how cultural considerations vary and impact loyalty behavior.

Check out the report here!