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The Second Screen Phenomena, Mobile Payments & More

By November 21, 2013 No Comments

FallreportPlastic’s research team continues to explore the latest trends and developments in the ever evolving world of mobile. In the latest Mobile X Monthly Report, the Fall Report, we highlight crucial emerging themes in the mobile space and explore strategies used by top tier brands to understand what’s working and opportunities for growth.

Our Fall Report wastes no time on pleasantries and dives head first into the mobile landscape. From local to the global marketplace, we review changes in the mobile market share and the second screen phenomena which sheds light on the necessity of an “all-screen” strategy and how to capitalize on a customer’s frequent switching between devices.

In addition, the report reviews mobile trends such as mobile payments, mobile wallets and digital couponing within specific industries including retail, travel, hospitality and banking.

This report cuts out the fluff to give you the raw statistics and insights. Please click here for a copy of the report.