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The Science Behind Mobile Design

By November 27, 2013 No Comments

Mobile shopping is a highly competitive area and brands are fighting a fierce battle to engage users on their mobile devices. The key to driving loyalty is to create a great mobile user experience that users find helpful, useful, and easy to navigate. But how can you accurately measure what’s a “great user experience” or not? Traditionally, marketers have relied on surveys and focus groups to measure usability, but what people say can be influenced by external or environmental variables. We wanted to look past what users were saying and get to the source of their emotion…the brain.

We teamed up with True Impact Marketing to conduct a study of the mobile path to purchase using neuroscience research methods, including EEG (electroencephalography) headsets and eye-tracking glasses. We selected 3 m-commerce branded mobile applications; Pizza Pizza, Best Buy, and Hyatt and tracked the user’s emotion and attention at the various stages of a mobile shopping experience.

As advocates of stellar user experience, we wanted to investigate how one app that we’ve designed and developed measured against two other mobile commerce giants. We wanted to assess specifically what design elements worked and what needed to be tweaked.

The findings and recommendations from the report, “The Science Behind Mobile Design”, will offer a new perspective on how mobile design and usability testing are imperative to a great user experience. For in-depth results and insights, download the full report here.