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Unwrapping Android Lollipop

By October 28, 2014 No Comments

The world of Android just got a little bit sweeter. The OS previously dubbed “Android L” now has a full name and full list of features and a brand new design for the popular Android platform.  Android Lollipop boasts a whole new set of features previously unseen on mobile devices all aimed at enhancing the user experience. A full list of them can be found on the official page, but here some of the key ones that stood out to us.

  • Users can create multiple users for a device, allowing users to share a device without sharing their files and apps as well. Google claims that this is a great feature for devices that are shared among family members.
  • Screen pinning allows users to pin a screen so another user can access just that content without messing with other apps or files.
  • ART, a new runtime that improves a user’s apps performance.
  • “Tap & Go Setup”  Users can set up a new Android device by simply tapping it to their old one (requires NFC which most devices are equipped with).
  • Better battery life management adds an estimated 90 minutes of life to your device.

And of course all the features are wrapped up in Material Design, Google’s new design methodology for their operating systems and applications. Material design is centered around building clean interfaces that are stylish, intuitive, and responsive to the user. Some Google apps have already made the switch to material design and the first batch of reviews cast a positive light on the mobile OS. Android Lollipop brings a whole new look and feel for Android, one that aims to unite the user with the device. Nice work Google!