Mobile Marketer recognizes Plastic’s very own Melody Adhami

By November 4, 2014 No Comments


The Mobile Marketer Mobile Women to Watch Summit honors 25 of the greatest women executives each year who are set to make an impact in mobile marketing, advertising, media, and commerce. The 2015 Mobile Women to Watch Summit in New York, taking place today is recognizing Plastic Mobile’s Co-founder, COO & President, Melody Adhami, for leading some of biggest brands of our time into the Mobile Age.

“It is a tremendous honor to be recognized as a “major influencer” in mobile amongst hundred of other exceptional women. Having lived the astounding transformations that the mobile industry has gone through in such a short time, and having had the opportunity to shape some of those shifts has been incredible.” stated Melody Adhami.

With her 7 year journey of mobile experience, and having started out as one of the few women executives within the industry, Melody Adhami has proven that the technology space is equally exciting and prosperous for both men and women. Much like her peers also recognized by Mobile Marketer, Melody shares the ambition and dedication to revolutionize the way brands interact with their customers on mobile by facilitating the relationship with mobile technology.