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Mobile Savvy Black Friday Shoppers

By December 1, 2014 No Comments


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” It’s not quite Christmas yet, however Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are giving Christmas a run for it’s money when it comes to the battle of the holiday shopping experience.  This year saw a decent increase in revenue for retailers in contrast to 2013, especially online mobile and tablet shopping.  According to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark report for the annual shopping mayhem event, Thanksgiving and Black Friday mobile and tablet traffic accounted for about 52.1 percent of all online browsing.  What was once thought to be an idle pastime, is now disrupting the market, quickly being adopted by a vast majority of consumers, 1 in 4 of all online purchases were made with a mobile device with most of those devices being Apple, a whopping 76.8 percent to be exact, and only 22.7 percent from Android users.

The shift in mobile browsing and sales can partly be attributed to convenience, the IBM Benchmark report indicates that shoppers are spending slightly less per order than last year, thanks to mobile shopping’s advantages.  Customers use their mobile devices to comparison shop and source out the best possible deals, using a combination of coupons and extra promotions; Thanksgiving and Black Friday shoppers definitely brought their A game this year and demonstrated just how savvy they are, with a little help from their mobile friend of course.  Even though mobile sales contributed a decent chunk of revenue to Black Friday with 28 percent of total online sales, the tablet is not to be forgotten. While more people definitely browse on mobile for it’s obvious convenience factor, the report suggests that people purchase more through their tablet with the average tablet shopper spending $126.50 per order versus mobile’s $107.55 per order.

The IBM report goes on to say that the most effective tool for retailers when it comes to driving Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales home, is less frequent, well targeted, email marketing.  In order to not turn off customers with spam, a bombardment of advertisements and promotions, retailers need to learn their customers well using indicative data, and properly channel their yearly ad spend to work more efficiently for them and return their investment.