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Mobilizing the Grocery Shopping Experience

By November 24, 2016 No Comments


It comes as no surprise that in our digital world, eCommerce is disrupting the way consumers purchase everything from dinner to holiday gifts. With that in mind, it is becoming more common for consumers to look for alternative ways to ease the weekly chore of grocery shopping. In a recent study completed by Morgan Stanley, it was estimated that 34% of online shoppers expect to purchase groceries online in 2016. As shoppers are becoming more accustomed to shopping online — coupled with the rise of mobile natives– grocers will have to start looking at ways to mobilizing their produce offerings and meet consumers where they feel most comfortable.

The obvious advantage of mobile grocery shopping is the convenience factor, allowing consumers to spend less time in the grocery aisles, which can often be a tedious task. However, there are also some hindrances as well, such as not being able to pick one’s own produce or baked goods– a challenge that is tough to overcome digitally. Therefore sustainability of consumers relies heavily on digital and mobile strategies incorporating new types of personalization to grocery shopping in lieu of physical interaction.
Ordering groceries online is a process that should seemingly be easy to adopt for consumers.

The effortlessness of ordering your weekly order from your mobile device or desktop and having it delivered according to your schedule doesn’t demand much from the consumer. Grocers receive an order and process the items to be picked up according to drop off time. Therefore selected produce remains fresh from the time it was picked to the drop off time. eCommerce grocery shops like LeShop in Switzerland have been championing the Swiss markets since 2011 and demonstrate that online grocery shopping can be successful by changing the consumer landscape. By incorporating mobile capabilities to offer consumers even more convenience, they were able to capitalize on the growing affinity for mobile shopping occurring with Switzerland.

By being committed to creating innovative mobile solutions, grocers have the ability to capitalize on a wider range of consumers. Enhancing online digital channels, such as mobile, could seemingly benefit every type of consumer from the digital savvy, to the budget conscious. Consumers will now have the ease of shopping with purpose and avoid the seductions of the magazines and chocolate bars at the checkout counter. Capitalizing on digital growth will offer grocers the ability to innovate the shopping experience, and help meet the needs of every individual regardless of gender, economic status or dietary preference.