Kayla Paloheimo Art Director Plastic Mobile


Art Director
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Over her 5 years with Plastic, Kayla has worked her way up the design ladder to her current position of Art Director. Having worked within digital design for over 7 years, Kayla has been on top of the mobile space through numerous operating systems and device sizes, and even remembers designing her first app for an iPhone 4!

Starting as a Marketing Design Intern, Kayla’s original focus was on bringing Plastic’s Innovation Lab to life, along with the accompanying Candy Shop App (an app which allows users the ability to order candy through a retrofitted 1980’s vending machine). Since then Kayla has worked with some of Canada’s largest organizations, such as AIR MILES, Pizza Pizza, OLG, RBC, SPC Card, RBC Rewards, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Cineplex, among others, to bring their brand to life through mobile!